• ✅ KEEP YOUR SEATS NEAT & CLEAN – AND YOUR DOG HAPPY! You can finally enjoy traveling with your four-legged best friend, without having to worry about hair, mud, or scratches on your back seats! All you need to do is to install this amazing pet car seat hammock; liquids, dirt, and fur will be swept from it with a simple wiping!

  • ✅ LUXURIOUS TRAVELING FOR YOUR BUDDY! The comfortable, silky smooth suede fabric will make your dog feel like royalty when traveling with you. Plus, the anti-slip back of the cover combined with the safety belt openings will make sure that your pet is not only comfortablebut safe as well!

  • ✅ FITS ALMOST EVERY CAR – INCLUDING YOUR SUV! This seat protector provides full back seat coverage to numerous car types, including SUVs. What’s more, it can also be used as a play mat or a cushion for outdoor activities, such as picnics, and camping!

  • ✅ INSTALL AND REMOVE IT IN A MATTER OF SECONDS! Simply place or remove the adjustable straps over your headrests –and voila! You’re done! Additionally, when you aren’t using your protector, you can just fold it and store it easily; it becomes super compact when folded, making it an ideal traveling accessory!

  • ✅ THIS COVER FEARS NEITHER PAWS NOR CLAWS! Our seat-protecting cover was specially designed to be wear and tear resistant; it featuresa unique scratch resistant middle layer that makes it ultra durable and will help keep your beautiful leather seats in tip-topcondition. No scratch or paw marks from your dog – or even your cat!

  • Ride Around The World With Your Most Trusted Friend, Thanks To This Fantastic Dog Seat Protector Brought To You By Pets Finest!

    How many times did you take your doggie with you for a walk in the park or the seashore, but endedup regretting it because it turned your back seat into a chaos of mud, dirt, and hairs?

    How manytimesdid you go on a two-day road-trip half-heartedly because you wanted to have your pal by your side, but was too afraid for their safety and for the damage they'd probably cause on your gorgeous leather seats?

    Well, all these problems belong tothe past!

    Now you can take your buddy anywhere with your car without a care in the world, thanks to this fantastic seat protector that Pets Finest has designed for you!

    A Safe & Comfy Pet Is A Happy Pet!

    Unlike many similar products, this protector is made of supreme quality suede fabric, that is super soft and will make your pet feel super comfortable; they may sit, stand, or even sleep on it!

    Furthermore, they can even play and jump; the scratch-resistant middle layer of the cover will make sure that no harm will come to your seats while they do that!

    And if you're going on a long trip and want to feel sure for your little buddy's safety, no prob. The safety belt openings combined with the anti-slip back of the cover provide maximum protection from slipping!

    Designed To Make Your Life Easier!

    Thanks to its ideal 125cm x 145cm dimensions, this dog hammock can effortlessly fit into almost any type of car -and your SUV is one of them! Installation is a breeze; secure the adjustable straps around your car's headrests,and you're done!

    When your trip is over, you can easily wipeout any sand, mud, dirt, hair, or...liquid accident from the cover and it will be as good as new!

    Go Ahead & PlaceYour Order Now!

    Pets Finest Deluxe Quality Luxury Dog Pet Kids Car Seat Cover Back Rear Seat Protector & Hammock Made Of Soft & Durable Suede – Anti-Slip & Scratch Resistant Proof B0775BPYRP

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Pets Finest Deluxe Quality Luxury Dog Pet Kids Car Seat Cover Back Rear Seat Protector & Hammock Made Of Soft & Durable Suede – Anti-Slip & Scratch Resistant Proof B0775BPYRP

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